Monday, August 1, 2011

3rd Grade Roll Out Station # 5 - Getting Into Gases

1.  What went well?
2.  What didn't go well?
3.  How would you modify this activity to have better implementation in your classroom?
4.  What proving behavior would you have to ensure that students have mastered this concept?
5.  Write an application question for the students to answer by the end of the activity.  


  1. 5. Where could you find examples of these ideas in everyday life?

  2. 1. Some of the investigations were interesting and challenging.
    2. Some of the investigations required too much air to blow into the different containers.
    3. Probably have the containers filled with air before the start of the investigations
    4. Students can pair/share or write reflections in their journals.
    5. What would you do different with this investigations

  3. Rene,
    Balloons, air packets used for packing material, air bags in cars, etc.

  4. Dr. Garza,
    Thanks for the feedback. I agree. Some items need to have the air filled before the activity.