Monday, August 1, 2011

3rd Grade Roll Out Station # 4 - Down Play

1.  What went well?
2.  What didn't go well?
3.  How would you modify this activity to have better implementation in your classroom?
4.  What proving behavior would you have to ensure that students have mastered this concept?
5.  Write an application question for the students to answer by the end of the activity.  


  1. 1. You could easily see the effect of gravity of on the balls at different heights on the rulers.

    2. We had to improvise with materials, and didn't set up the exploration with enough room.

    3. We'd streamline the directions and use more pictures so the directions would be easier for the kids to follow.

    4. We would pose a question for the kids to write about in their journals.

    5. How would your results change if you used a ping pong ball instead of a golf ball? A tennis ball?

  2. 1. We worked together.
    2. Rather than useing the table, we could have used the floor so the balls and car could travel further.
    3. We would have used the floor or perhaps sidewalk to give more space for the materials to travel rather than the table.
    4. The students could write about it in their journals, draw results on paper, use graphing paper to show length of travel and reasons for length of travel depending on ramp and initiation height.
    %. Use a variety of items to see if the mass of the object changed the results.

  3. 1. We have become exemplary at working nicely together. Directions were clear and concise for each activity. Nice job AIMS!
    4. How do you see gas and air moving objects in the real world?

  4. 1.This activity requires the students to speak and use science language.
    2. Alternatives can be on tile floors, grassy areas, on carpet, or asphalt.
    3. The ELPS is high for this investigation
    4. Students can blog, pair/share, and record their responses on butcher paper.