Monday, August 1, 2011

3rd Grade Roll Out Station # 3 - Mystery Matter

1.  What went well?
2.  What didn't go well?
3.  How would you modify this activity to have better implementation in your classroom?
4.  What proving behavior would you have to ensure that students have mastered this concept?
5.  Write an application question for the students to answer by the end of the activity.  


  1. 1. Everything went well!
    3. Have a variety of objects with different properties.
    4. Proving behavior: use flip camera in order to show mass, length and volume. Have an ongoing chart with vocabulary.

  2. 1.This investigation was great.
    3. Try different surfaces: tile, concrete, grass, asphalt, and so forth
    4.Blogging, journals, pair/share, drawing